My journey as a visual artist began as a 9 year old living in rural Indiana. Equipped with a bike and my parent's point and shoot, I set out to document the world around me. I took photos of mundane things that were a part of my everyday - grass, pine cones, my reflection on the car - and I quickly realized that the photos I took communicated how I felt in ways that words never could. 
In an effort to capture the incredible art scene in Chicago, my roommate and I decided to create Matchbox Magazine. Matchbox is an online magazine focused on uplifting local creatives and empowering up-and-coming artists. I handle creative direction and graphic design for the website and its social platforms.
I kept many diaries as a child and I realized that this was one habit that I wish I brought into adulthood. I decided I wanted  to start journaling again, but I wanted to do more than what the traditional diary experience offered. So, I started a visual diary. I design a bi-weekly collage-style graphic comprised of art that I'm into at the moment, cultural events, and my general day-to-day.
I continue to photograph today. Although my tools today look very different than a bike and a point and shoot, the aim remains the same: to capture the life around me in all of its complexities. ​​​​​​​
You can take a look at my work here